Thursday, April 4, 2013

If Earth were a hundred PIXELS wide...

Ever asked yourself before: what would life be like, if we, say, lived in a pixelated world? Neither have I. However, David Palivoda and Jesse Williams have. They created, a website who's sole purpose is to represent the distances between our green planet and the red ball of rock we call Mars.

Say, the distance between the Earth and the Moon was about 3000 pixels. Then, the Earth is somewhere near 428 000(sic!), or 55,76 million of kilometers away. That is a lot of scrolling. Of course the pair of london designers added an arrow to their website, which scrolls the webpage down for you. Although it takes it about a minute for you to "travel" from our green little rock to Mars, the waiting is filled up with a couple of interesting facts that pop on the screen as the time progresses. The website looks quite stunning, but the math, not so much; during the "flight" you are told that you are traveling at about 200,000 km\h, which is a little (oh, you know, just 1607256 times) smaller than the actual speed.

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