Thursday, April 11, 2013

COMAN: the almost-human Humanoid

Todays' robots can walk, interact with objects, jump, they can do all kinds of cool stuff. Yet only a handful can remain standing after a soft push, or any other kind of unexpected interaction. One unexpected little change, and the bot is down. So much for the hundreds of thousands of dollars researchers put in it - the thing can not even stand straight. However, earlier this week, COMAN was introduced into the world of robotics. This little guy will change the way we build robots. Read on and find out why!

COMAN Full Body

Monday, April 8, 2013

Myo: The Force is Strong with This one

So there you are, browsing the internet. Click, click. Another article, another movement of a mouse. Click. Next link. Click. The "entertaining" cycle will go on as long as you are alive, and, as fun as it may seem for you, the truth is, what you are doing is outright boring. Well, what to do, how to make sitting at the computer a more engaging and interesting activity? Jumping-jacks? Squats? Nope, the answer is Myo.

Heck yes it is.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

OmniBelt: Festos' look on conveyor belts

Festo, the company whos' creation I have already wrote about, has released a new world-changing concept: omni-directional conveyor belt. How does that work? Read-on and find out!

Integrated functions: WaveHandling unites conveying ...

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Faster Than any Man Alive: Cheetah

So guys, here is a little image: you are on your morning stroll, Eye of a Tiger or something else inspirational buzzing in your headphones. Beautiful weather, sun is shining in your face, everything is great. Suddenly, you hear something strange behind you. It gets louder, faster, and worst of all, closer and closer. You don't bother to look behind you, but something causes you to turn around. You, terrified, realize that this is what was chasing you:

Yep, you are doomed.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Ingress and Google Glass. The pair that will last forever

Ingress, the game developed by Google last year, is a very odd piece of entertaiment. The game is actually set in the real world; Players roam about anywhere they please and collect energy,while looking for places-of-interests called "Portals". Players of two opposing factions fight against each other by capturing the portals (the process consists of walking up to a "portal" in real life and then using your phone to place a resonator near it) and linking them together to capture large pieces of land. Sounds fun, but why would Google ever make such a game?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

9 Craziest Skyscraper Designs... ever.

House of Babel: Post-crisis Skyscraper

In front of you are some of the most incredible, forward-thinking, insane designs of buildings of the future. Most of these projects are nothing but paper and ideas, but some are actually getting investor money and may one day become a real thing. Ready? Here we Go:

If Earth were a hundred PIXELS wide...

Ever asked yourself before: what would life be like, if we, say, lived in a pixelated world? Neither have I. However, David Palivoda and Jesse Williams have. They created, a website who's sole purpose is to represent the distances between our green planet and the red ball of rock we call Mars.