Thursday, April 4, 2013

9 Craziest Skyscraper Designs... ever.

House of Babel: Post-crisis Skyscraper

In front of you are some of the most incredible, forward-thinking, insane designs of buildings of the future. Most of these projects are nothing but paper and ideas, but some are actually getting investor money and may one day become a real thing. Ready? Here we Go:

Himalaya Water Tower

Himalaya Water Tower

Designed By: Zhi Zheng, Honguchuan Zhaom Dongbai Song

     These building are built deep withing the Himalayan mountains, they harvest the water trapped inside of the glaciers (along with ancient brain-eating bacteria and stuff). The water runs up into the tower though the pipes that are sunk deep into the glacer. The functonality of this design is questionable, considering Global Warming melting all the ice on the planet, but hey, what do you know. Someone, keep the blueprints until the  next iceage.

Monument to Civilization: Verticall Landfilll for Metropolises

Monument to Civilization: Vertical Landfill for Metropolises

Designed By: Lin Yu-Ta

Now, this one is a little different from all the other entries on this list. Unlike modern skyscrapers, this one houses not people, but their trash. Sounds crazy? Well, think about it, New York generates enough trash in four months to make a tower that is taller than the Empire State Building! (Also: Who Cares!) These would make for a great reminder for people not be wasteful, since their trash would literally be right above their heads. In the event of a flood or an earthquake, if such tower falls, the city it was in will be in deep s**t. Literally.

Mountain Bandaid

Mountain Band-Aid
Designed By: Yiting Shen, Nanjue Wang, Ji Xia, Zihan Wang

This is a foresight into the future of China. Chinese mining expeditions that currently destroy many mountains, literally ripping their insides out, finally cease. Villages like this one will allow to remediate some of the damage done to the mountain by mining, while giving a home to people that had do be displaced due to mining operations. Also, have you never wanted to live "Far Away, In Misty Mountains Cold"? well, there is your chance.

Plastic Fish Tower

Plastic Fish Tower
Designed By: Kim Hongseop, Cho Huynbeom, Yoon Sunhee, Yooun Huyngsoo

This building will be a part of an around-the-world network of such bouyes. Their main purpose will be to eleminate and reprocess plastic trash that flows in the open waters of the Pacific Oceans' famous Garbage Patch which is so contaminated, with trash and chemicals, that fish down there probably looks like Sarah Palins concioucness.

The area has been a problem for decades now, and what better solution is there than to place a giant waste-eating city in the midst of the biggest garbage dump in the world?

Cliff Dwellings

Cliff Dwellings

Designed By: PLUG and Mendoza Fragoso

Let's look at the exact opposite of the water-filled ocean now. Let us venture to desserts and cliffs. Only a very small portion of those areas is actually inhabited by people, which makes sense seeing as how we are not very good at climbing 90-degree walls. However, CliffDwellings is exactly that. Buildings will be carved in the walls of huge cliffs. My opinion? There better be elevators in that place. 

Human Rights Skyscraper in Beijing

Human Rights Skyscraper in Beijing
Designed By: Ren Tianhang, Luo Jing, Kang Jun

Just when you probably thought this could not get any crazier, I present to you the HRSiB. In the city of Beijing property is one of the most expensive things money can buy. It is so expensive, that, in fact, you would be better off buying a huge farm in Texas than a two story house there. Not that anyone wants to live in Texas.
      However, the situation there is so bad, that a group of Beijing designers came up with a solution that truly defies anyones understading of logic: instead of building tall building, they are planning to build huge cells with artificial land that will house houses (huh, gotta love words) within them. A building on a piece of land within a building on a piece of land. Dear me, that is the most Inceptive thing I have ever heard...

House of Babel: Post-Crisis Skyscraper

House of Babel: Post-crisis Skyscraper

Designed By: Nikita Asadov

This is probably my favorite design out of all of them. If the design before was a crazy solution for an over-crowded society, this is an expansion of the theme of privacy. Every building will consist of two parts, one residing on the ground, while the other one is... suspended on a tiny wire however high you want it. It is unknown how one is supposed to climb up on the second level (I am not climbing the stairs that high), but the concept is amazing nontheless.

 Migrant Skyscraper

Migrant Skyscraper

Designed By: Damian Przybyla, Rafal Orzybyla

So, you have lived in a canyon, underwater, and all was good. But what if the place where you live does not longer satisfy you. What do you do? well, you can pay millions to get your house moved somewhere else, or you can purchase one of these babes. Still only in concept, the MigrantSkyscraper would be able to move to a different location in the event of a disaster, catastrophe, or your mood swing. 
   I do not know about you, but if I could take my house out on the road, and go wherever I want, I would not be sitting around for long. Roadtrip anyone?

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